IMPACT College Prep: Preparing Students to Pursue Higher Education

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

IMPACTdmv partners with City of Praise Family Ministries to hosts its first College Prep Workshop

This time each year, high school seniors are wrapping up classes, walking across the graduation stage, and preparing to head off to college. But not everyone is so lucky. In fact, there are many kids who never even see college as an option. For reasons ranging from high tuition costs to a lack of college-educated role models, higher education can feel unattainable to youth.

But IMPACTdmv is hoping to change that.

In an effort to educate local youth about pursuing secondary education, IMPACTdmv held its first-ever "IMPACT College Prep" Workshop. On May 20, 2018, more than 150 high school students (grades 9-11) convened at City of Praise Family Ministries in Landover, Maryland to learn about the college application process, discuss financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and network with current college students and recent graduates who now have careers in a range of industries and fields.

The workshop provided a comprehensive overview of the college application process and educated students about:

● Creating a high school portfolio that's attractive to colleges and universities (e.g., academics, extracurricular activities, volunteering);

● Building relationships with teachers, coaches, mentors, etc. and asking for recommendation letters;

● Writing a personal statement that reflects who you are;

● Selecting a college that fits your personality and career goals;

● Taking the standardized test (SAT or ACT) that's right for you;

● Applying for financial aid via FAFSA; and

● Seeking public and private scholarship opportunities.

In addition to the presentations, the workshop also featured a Q&A with a panel of college students and graduates, networking opportunities, and games and prizes. When it was all said and done, participants walked away with an increased understanding of the college application process and the money needed to cover their application costs. These fees add up and can be a huge barrier to the application process. But thanks to the generous support of City of Praise Family Ministries' "Road to College" Program, IMPACTdmv will be able to cover all of the college application fees for all workshop participants.

When asked to give their opinion of IMPACT College Prep one Prince Georges County Public Schools rising senior said, “I think [the workshop] was a great opportunity to be in the same room with people that have already gone through the college experience already so you can either ask them different questions or ask them for advice and utilize the information to help you going forward in the future.” With this knowledge and the financial support to submit their applications, our hope is that participants will see college in their future.

IMPACTdmv is extremely thankful to workshop participants, coaches, and partners. Without support from the community, none of this would be possible. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay updated on all our upcoming events!

We look forward to continuing our work and are always looking for new people and partners to join us. To learn more about our first IMPACT College Prep Workshop, or to contact us about how you or your organization would like to support this program, please contact Executive Director Armani McMillan at

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