Dressing for the Win in 2019

How to put together the perfect interview look for your next dream opportunity.

After weeks (or sometimes even months) of searching, applying, and waiting. You have finally landed an interview! Now, your ultimate goal is researching, studying, and doing all you can to make the perfect first impression. Whether you’re a first timer or have gone on several interviews, it’s always good to know the do’s and don’ts regarding interview attire. Especially if this interview is for the school or job that can change your life. Your attire speaks louder than any of your responses and demonstrates the level of respect you have for the interviewer and opportunity. Of course, we at IMPACTdmv are always here to help you accomplish your goals. Check out our tips that will guarantee you make the best IMPACT at your next interview.

The Suit

Men: Fitted dark suit (ie. black, navy, grey) accompanied with a light-colored button up shirt

Women: Comfortable dark Pant or skirt suit (be sure the skirt is knee length and not too tight!) accompanied with a light-colored blouse

Tip: While cardigans are an alternative, suits always make a stronger impression

The Shoes

Men: Black or brown dress shoes that complement your suit

Women: Black flats or heels (heel height should be no higher than 3 inches!)

Tip: Make sure your shoes are clean and polished. Those extra touches go a long way.

The Accessories

Men: Solid color tie and socks as well as a nice subtle watch

Tip: Whether it’s an internship, retail, or corporate, always go conservative! Decorative socks and earrings can be very distracting.

Women: Stud dime-size earrings (watches are optional)

Tip: If you opt for an Apple watch make sure the screen does not flash constantly throughout the interview.

Hair, Face, and Nails

Men: Whether your hair is long or short fresh cuts and styles are not optional. Nails should be short, neutral, and clean!

Women: Minimal make-up, sleek hair styles, and conservative nails. Be sure to look as polished as possible.

Tip: Pulling your hair back or wearing it straight down are always a safe and beautiful options! Also, if your hair is natural

And now...You're ready

While these are all pretty common standard rules, it is important to be mindful of where you are interviewing. Dressing for a Fortune 500 company and dressing for PR opportunity are drastically different. There are many careers that look for creativity! Whatever you choose, make sure you are professional, prepared, and polished.

Goodluck, and make an IMPACT!

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